If you want to keep your concrete surfaces well-protected and looking their best, sealing them is the solution. Orr Floor Care, INC provides high-quality concrete sealing services for clients in the Hazelton, Burley, Twin Falls, ID & Twin Falls County area.

Before we apply the concrete floor sealer, we'll clean and strip your floors and pressure wash them. That way you'll get the best results from the application. We'll finish up by putting a polish on the surface to restore its like-new shine.

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3 good reasons to get your concrete sealed

If you need concrete sealing services in Hazelton, Burley, Twin Falls, ID & Twin Falls County, Orr Floor Care is the company to call. We can protect your surfaces by using a top-quality concrete floor sealer.

Here are the top benefits of sealing your concrete:

  1. Concrete sealing will enhance the color of your concrete and keep it looking good longer.
  2. It'll increase your concrete's durability by protecting against moisture, temperature, oil spills and UV rays.
  3. Concrete sealants will inhibit the growth of mold and vegetation that could be damaging to concrete.

We recommend that you get your concrete surfaces sealed once every five years.

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Concrete Stauin & Sealing Projects